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Alice uses various techniques, strong colours and brush-strokes in communicating her emotions; and expresses her feelings on the canvas in attempting to give a different, unique interpretation of humanity to her subjects.

Using acrylic as her medium and a preference for light pastel colors, tender and soft hues, she likes creating contrasts with her unique use of strokes and colours highlighting shades and lights.

The meaning that Alice wants to give to her works is not the reproduction of reality in itself but her way of interpreting it; which challenges our perception. The artist takes the viewers on a visual treat: one can see the positive image, the colors and tones and then, through juxtaposition, the negative transition can be perceived. The chromatic differences, sometimesaggressive and shocking, the contrast between light and shade, pale and dark shapes of the images we see, feel and perceive.

In the early years she concentrates mainly on animals, mirroring the desire to express herself through emotions and the feelings of human nature in animals and presenting her vision of the numerous type of animals.

Later, her professional background emerges, renewing her works in a more conceptual way through abstract art. At present she is trying to present to the public/viewers with awider interpretation of her perspectives. Alice believes that art must be subjectively perceived, and that interpretation is the base of the work, not the consequence.

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